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Splattered Paint

Be swept away.....
Into The world of Nature, Wildlife and Flowers
With a Touch of Magic...

Fairiewood Art is the creation of Devon Artist
Cherry Ferris

Cherry is a self taught artist who likes to explore the beauty, detail and complexity of our wonderful world around us, particularly its animals and nature. She likes to use many types of medium and is versed in Pyrography, Pastels, Watercolour, Artists Coloured Pencils and Oils. Cherry also loves the heightened detail in Botanical Illustration and often uses these techniques, along with many others to create her eclectic variety of Art forms.


Cherry often uses the art of 'Pyrography' (drawing with fire), within her work to burn or scorch designs onto natural materials and surfaces, such as wood panels and Rag Paper then enhance these with various magical Mixed Media techniques to create colourful and enticing results.

Inspired by her fascination with colour, pigment and materials, Cherry is at her happiest when she is able to bring them together to create a piece of art.​

All of her work is Handmade in Devon... With Love...

Harp and Horse Magic

I believe Magic and Wonder exists in the World
For those who remain still long enough to see it...

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