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Start of a New Arty Challenge - A Year Long Personal Portrait Challenge... Eeeeeek...!!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This year I've challenged myself to take on a year long submersion into the wonders and amazing shapes of portrature and figurative art. It's gonna take a deep breath and lots of glitter power but I am jumping in with both feet and looking forward to the ride. The challenge is with the Fabulous Kara Bullock... 'Let's Face It' 2022 posse... And what a supportive, creative and inspiring crew they are. Each week.... a new challenge! Mondays have suddenly got a whole lot brighter...

Bring it On...

Playing with charcoal and faces today to create a ‘wild woman’ … It’s been a lot of fun … thanks Robert for your inspirational guidance

My woman … She hears the call of the sea and wild places, weaving stories from the rich yarns of her life …scattering pain and humour like jewels amongst the threads . She dances through her day barefoot, with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes … happy to share the music of her soul to a gentle ear, or simply spin the threads of a new adventure with independence and solitude She lives within us all … All you strong women, proud mothers, daughters and grandmothers. The weavers and shakers, the creatives, the movers and makers who answer the call … We salute you xx

Morning daydreamy scribble sketch inspired by the fabulous Patrick Spirit … looks nothing like the ref image but that’s the point I guess … I’m liking her vibe and already wondering what she’s thinking about … Sunshine and running bare foot through the forest with the wind in her hair is my guess xx

Love the idea of drawing from within … so I channelled the wonderful Patrick Spirit took a deep breath and had a go at quick morning scribble sketch doode of a lovely little girl (The essence is loosely based on a photograph of Kimzie Rose’s beautiful little girl) … Thanks again for your fabulous class … it’s totally altered my perspective xx

A doodle a day - loving playing with portraits at the mo … Todays offering is ‘The Girl with the Scarf’… I’m liking her dreamy faraway retro feel … Thanks for the fab reference photo Daniel Ibanez xx

This weeks ‘Let’s Face It’ challenge was super tricky!!! … We had to draw a lady reclined in a bath (gulp) … hmmmmm!!! I decided to mermaid mine up some and add a background … ‘Metamorphosis’ … Thanks Juan for your inspiration … it was a tough one!! xx

Loving my my LFI2022 portrait journey … this weeks class was a mixed media challenge in a medium that I have very little of and didn’t really want to buy any more supplies …

So I decided to take elements from the challenges so far and just create ‘a something’ with no real agenda using a free Ref from Unsplash … and you know what! I’m amazed at just how much more confident I’ve become with faces and how my work has grown in just a few short weeks! … I’m approaching the classes with a ‘just show up, big breath & try attitude’ and I’m becoming a bit of a portrait magpie lol! … grabbing little gems of shiney wisdom from each class and creating new experimental wings … And boy! … I’m so loving the journey

The biggest tip I’ve learned (and want to pass on) is ‘give yourself permission to play’! Forget about what you are drawing and use the reference image simply as a guide (no disappointments ) Then just doodle from the inside out and see what magic occurs This one reminds me a lot of the Sea Goddess ‘Calypso’ from pirates of the Caribbean he he!! … what do you think? Xx

Head to my portrait blog part two for my next scary portrait steps...gulp!!...xx

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