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We are currently making some changes here at Fairiewood Art HQ and will be adding more bits back to the website as swiftly as we can, thanks so much for your support...

Welcome to
Fairiewood Art

I am so pleased you have found your way to my website where I can share my artwork and journey into colour with you. I am fascinated with colour and tone, texture and light, and the beauty of our natural world. I love finding the detail in the simplest of things.


I am super interested in all art Mediums and understanding the ways in which each 'medium' is made up. I find wonder in the different textures and effects when trying out techniques and experiments to bring ideas together to create art.

I also have a keen interest in the art of Pyrography, an organic and ancient art form that links the hand with nature, working with natural materials, wood, metal and heat, to create tone and form and manipulating these elements to construct the backbone to my paintings.

Art holds its own magic. Whether practised individually or communally, it connects people. Art is a tangible manifestation of ideas that has the power to stir the soul in a single glance ... that’s why I’m fascinated by it! I have had no formal art training. All my experience has been built through through trial and error, happy accidents and experimentation – an approach that has allowed me to explore some hidden avenues and secret paths.

IMG_8425 (2).jpg

There truly is magic in the world if only we pause long enough to see it...


'My favourite piece of art is always the one I'm working on'

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