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Exciting Times working with Ken Bromley & Derwent Pencils...

Over the past few months I’ve been beavering away on a super exciting collaborative project with the art supplies ‘Ken Bromley’ in association with ‘Derwent Pencils’ to produce some inspirational and educational tutorials and blogs … The first post has just gone live and is based around demystifying Botanical Textures using coloured pencils and offers lots, Tip & Tricks (particularly for beginners). In the article I will share with you some tricks of the trade using Derwent’s Procolour pencils and how to create the perfect green’

Coloured pencils are a match made in heaven for botanical subjects, precision and detail. They are portable, forgiving and accessible and by using layering techniques they offer you the ability to create and reproduce vibrant pure colours on the page which are a joy to behold. As the seasons change and the cooler months make their way to our doorsteps, what can be nicer than filling our artistic world with the colour and pizazz of wonderful botanical art.

Here’s the link if you fancy reading about this fascinating and often overlooked subject

There will be more tutorials to follow in the next few months … how exciting … ekkkkk!!!

Enjoy xxx

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